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Rezday: January 21, 2007


Zoe's Land Holdings

Miss Zoe Connolly has land-rights to a parcel in Caledon Mayfair.

The parcel is known as TimeForce 10 and serves as the headquarters for the group TimeForce 10.

Zoe's Roles

She is the founder and the first Air Marshal of the Royal Caledon Air Force (retired July 2010).

Miss Connolly is a time traveler, who made settlement in the Victorian Steampunk land of Caledon. She is often seen in other 19th Century Victorian sims of New Babbage, and Steelhead.

Her adventures may be be viewed/read via her aethernet journal Zoe Connolly :: metaverse time treaveler.

Miss Connolly unwinds from the hustle and bustle of her neo-Victorian existence through various and sundry aethernet research, flying off-theme late 20th Century helicopters, and roleplaying in TimeForce 10, a new inWorld and offGrid science-fiction espionage adventure series she created with her friend Cornelius Fanshaw.

Zoe's Groups


Group founder/owner of "Royal Caledon Air Force"

Group founder/owner of "RCAF Special Operations Command"

Group founder/owner of "SkyPirates of Penzance"

Group founder/owner of "Second Life Bloggers"

Group founder/owner of "TimeForce 10"

Just your basic Steampunk, time traveling girl!

Zoe Connolly :: metaverse time traveler