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ZenMondo styles himself a CodePoet, most people will just call him a "scripter".

Some children are born with a silver spoon in their mouth; for Zen it was a silicon chip. He found he had a natural affintiy for technology, writing his first computer program at age 6 on an Apple II+ in 1978. Combined with his affinity for expressing himself artistically, he sees programming as not just a technical science but the expression of his soul. Creating CodePoetry is not simply programming, it is programming in a certain mindset, focusing on elegance, efficiency, and ingenuity. It is programming as an artistic pursuit, not as a technical science.

But not all of Zen's artisitic pursuits are of a technical nature. He has also been known to write many forms of poetry, songs and lyrics, and fiction.

In May of 2006, Zen entered into a partnership with the Hyperformalist Artist Dancoyote Antonelli known as ZenCoyote Ltd. He has worked almost non-stop with DC since then bringing many of the artist's Hyperformalist dreams to fruition. Zen has also been made the Technical Director of the Zero-G Skydancers Second Life's only Hyperformalist Dance Troupe.

Zen came to the Independent State of Caledon in late October of 2006, and has thrived in the welcoming community. He has dedicated himself to service of his Beloved Nation, and has provided CodePoetry for many functions, and ran the National Anthem Contest for Caledon's first anniversary. For his work he has been awarded a variety of titles.

Zen keeps his residence in the estate of FreeFlow in Caledon On Sea. He has a shoppe, ZenMondo's CodePoetry & Steamworks in Caledon SteamSkyCity, as well as plans for a gallery in SteamSkyCity. His aetheric journal can be found at http://zenmondo.blogspot.com