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Flag of Winterfell

Winterfell is a 20-sim nation north of Caledon on the grid owned and operated by Serra Anansi.

The covenant describes Winterfell as "... designed and inspired by stories, dreams and creative interpretations of reality."

Winterfell and Caledon together comprise the main center of the Realm of the Roses. That Realm is composed of all nations permitted to relocate adjacent to either Winterfell or Caledon.

The southernmost sim of Winterfell, Winterfell Absinthe, was once adjacent by sea to Caledon's northernmost sim, Caledon Cape Wrath but the connection has since been lost to the stormy climes of the sea.

List of Winterfell sims

Live Map of Winterfell
  • Winterfell
  • Winterfell Absinthe
  • Winterfell Aislinn
  • Winterfell Amaranthine
  • Winterfell Ebonshire
  • Winterfell Eventide
  • Winterfell Harbor
  • Winterfell Libris
  • Winterfell Ravens Reach
  • Winterfell Reverie
  • Winterfell Sanctuary
  • Winterfell Storisende

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