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Val at original Caledon embassy site

Dame Valentine Janus, DCBT (rezzed 16 March 2007) holds the Guvnah's appointment as ambassador to the nine-sim SL nation of Adam ondi Ahman (AoA). Her diplomatic efforts led to mutual recognition and an exchange of embassies to further trade and tourism. The Caledon embassy in AoA is on the Deseret sim; it will move to the new City of Enoch sim in October 2008. The AoA embassy is now on Caledon Penzance; its original home was on Regency.

Miss Janus is co-founder of the Caledon Research Institute (with Excalibur Longstaff and Otenth Paderborn) and the Caledon Whist League (with Virrginia Tombola). She is also a senior editor of the Caledon Forums and a curator of the Caledon Wiki. Other organizational affiliations include the Royal Caledon Air Force, United En Garde, and Clan MacInnes of Wyre.

Personal arms

When the Duke of Murdann instituted the Order of the Black Thorn on 28 August 2008, he created Miss Janus a Dame Commander of the Order. She bears Purpure, an owl close guardant and on a chief embattled Or a blackthorn branch couped sable.

Dame Valentine is a dual national, and has served the people of AoA as island historian and two-term elected member of the governing council. She chaired the council from 5 January 2008 to 13 October 2008, when her purchase of two AoA sims made her constitutionally ineligible to continue. In 2009, she will serve for a second year on the planning committee of the Relay For Life of Second Life.