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Storm Engineer



Storm first arrived to Second Life in incognito, in the archaic age when third party viewers and sculpties didn't even exist. For a while he only looked upon this World as a light pastime and social experiment. Some time later he found his way to the then small land of Caledon where he learned about the wonders of steam as well as the the beauty and elegance - and occassional dark secrets - of Victorian society. Also around this time he discovered building, and not much later he created his first prim-detailed realistic item. After years of creating and more or less social involvement he realized his incognito holds him back, and decided to step out of the darkness.

In 2009, he left his secretive life behind, and returned to Second Life and Caledon under his true First Life name and identity. Soon after he opened his first shop in the amazing flying city of Caledon Steam SkyCity. During the years he was often away for long time, and his shop had to relocate to Caledon Kittiwickshire, then moved to Caledon Tamrannoch before finally returning to the beloved SkyCity. The volume of his social involvement changed a lot during these years.

In the Summer of 2011 he set out for a great adventure in First Life, spending 50 days in India and West-Tibet where he decided to write a blog, and to try to live entirely from art and creation. After going home he finally quit his day job and started working on art projects, including Second Life ones. He also reformed his SL business, Starspirit Design.

Starspirit Design

This is the brand name under Storm release his creations. As of yet, mainly quality accessories such as pocket watches and walking stick.