Soliel Snook

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The Most Honourable The Marchioness of Giggleford

A founder of the Caledon Early Birds Social Club, for those who live in or around GMT zone.

Soliel Snook is the only daughter of the late noted explorer and adventurer, Alistair Snook and Morag, a Selkie from the West Coast of Scotland. Soliel was raised by her paternal Aunty Snook after her mother left her for the sea and her father died in Peru of peyote poisoning.

Being part Fey, Soliel apprenticed at the Elven Gardens in Findhorn and then later received her Master Gardener award from the Countess of Lightworld for designing the now famous Fae Gardens of Rhum. Her ambition is to bring beauty, grace and colour to the gardens of Caledon. She is a Free Woman of independent nature and is not bound by convention.

Having been displaced of her open sim Giggleford, she banded together with Kaye Robbiani and purchased a sim and created Giverny and modeled after Monet's beloved home and village.

In July of 08 she became the muse to master builder Omicron Llewellyn. In October the couple partnered and they remain happy creating,sculpting and developing new and beautiful products. They enjoy their home and hearth built by Sir Llewellyn, the Chateau de la Reine Blanche, in Giverny.

Radio Riel DJ

Owner of Snook's Garden Centre, Caledon Morgaine (Main location in Giverny)

Residence: Chateau de la Reine Blanche, Giverny