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Samm Florian is a ten-year-old girl who lives in a tree fort on the Island of Refuge in Caledon Cape Wrath, near the Caledon-Winterfell border. Her father died or left when she was young, she's not sure which. When Samm was nine, her mother ran off to join the Connor Steam-balloon Corps, which runs packages up and down the Ohio river. She sees her mom occasionally, but mostly takes care of herself, with the help of her adopted Uncle Malt and Aunt Bella Hammill. You'll normally see her running around in overalls, straw hat, and bare feet, playing kickball or sailing the waterways on her steam-powered raft. She also loves to build and script, and prefers making things herself to buying them.

Sam first rezzed on September 11, 2010, and accidentally landed in Caledon Oxbridge during a random teleport; she liked it so much she decided to stay. In addition to roaming Oxbridge and Cape Wrath, she likes to spend time in New Babbage, Winterfell, and Steelhead, and (in a more modern guise) in the small town of Willowdale (outside the Steamlands). She's recently set up an indoor maze on Aether Isle in Caledon Steam Sky City, called Samm's Labyrinth and Shop.