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Official motto: Altitude with Attitude

Unofficial motto: FSFP (Flying, Shooting, Fencing, Partying)

The Royal Caledon Air Force, also known as the RCAF or Connolly's Crazies, is headquartered at the Connolly Aerodrome in Caledon Penzance. It is responsible for defending the skies over the Independent State of Caledon, taking over from the now defunct Caledon Air Corps.

This group also facilitate air-ground and air-air chatter within Caledon.

Officially sanctioned by Guvnah Desmond Shang (who also serves as honorary Marshal), the RCAF was founded October 24th, 2007.

Current Officers (UNDER REVISION June-July 2010)

Royal Caledon Air Force Ensign

Ranks used by The Royal Caledon Air Force are very loosely based upon the UK RAF rank system as outlined in the following link to NATO Air Forces on Wikipedia


Specialist Squadrons

  • Caledon Screamin' Tinies, formed November 2007 for tiny aviators, commanded by Wing Commander Eladrienne Laval.
  • Red Devils Squadron, formed 22 December 2007 for jetpack operators, commanded by Air Vice Marshal Diamanda Gustafson.
  • RCAF Lightning fencing team, formed 5 February 2008 to promote personal readiness and esprit de corps, commanded by Squadron Leader Valentine Janus.
  • Search and Rescue formed August 2008, commanded by Squadron Leader Dan Gervasi.
  • Sumie's Task Force formed 17 December 2008 for Anti-AirPirate Patrols and Interdiction. Named in honour of Group Captain Sumie Kawashima, commanded by Squadron Leader Aether Inglewood.


Air Chief Marshal Sin Trenton will gather intelligence on various Flight resources on the Grid that may be of interest to the RCAF.


Air Chief Marshal Phineas Messmer will direct all operations related to exploration of Aethernautical-Space

Group Operations

RCAF Recruitment

Special Operations Command Expeditionary Force (RCAF-SOC)

See the RCAF Special Operations Command page.


Royal Caledon Air Force Roundel

The RCAF uses callsigns to aid communication over the wireless. A popular mode for the pilots to address each other are using these callsigns even when not airborne. They are either chosen by the pilots themselves, usually tongue-in-cheek, or in some cases given in remembrance of a particular incident.

Here is a list of the current callsigns:


The RCAF is blessed with many talented members and friends who provide us with various flying machines, textures, and ordnance for our testing and daily usage.

Tools of the Trade

RCAF members make regular use of a wide range of equipment for training, rescue operations, and military sorties. This necessarily incomplete listing names the inventors/creators/Quartermasters behind the gear used in the RCAF. Items are listed by category.


Airfield Weapons

Personal Weapons



Official RCAF property owned and operated by Zoe Connolly and Dan Gervasi...

  • RCAF Connolly Aerodrome - Penzance Airfield - Caledon Penzance (RCAF Headquarters on 2 lots)
  • RCAF Sumie -North Cay Airfield - Caledon Cay (this air base is located in the Cay just in on the sea front bordering Cafall. The airport also provides some facility for hydroplanes).

RCAF Events

  • 1-on-1 Dogfighting (time and place to be determined by the two participants)
  • Ace of Aces! Air Combat Tournament (ACT)
  • Cross-Caledon Air Race (XCAR)
  • The Great Cross-Caledon Multi-Vehicle Race (GXCMVR)
  • Weekend Air Combat (Free-For-All Dogfighting)

Places for Air Combat Engagement (Dogfighting)

  • New Bastogne (Large Scale Air and Ground Level Combat available here using VICE)

Sister Military Branches within Caledon

Allied Military Branches outside Caledon

Unofficial Haunts

We at the RCAF appreciate a good time! (See the official and unofficial mottos above) We thank those RCAF members and non-members who provide great venues for us to enjoy. These are great places where we celebrate promotions, unwind, drink, dance, and chat about our flights and crashes....

Known Dangers

  • Molly Earnshaw Miss Earnshaw is a Rogue Time-Traveler Pilot who uses a Spitfire Aircraft to strafe Connolly Aerodrome and RCAF members. She will also attack from sniper positions.
  • Numerous SkyPirates have made their presence known in the area of the Firth since October 2008.
  • TimeForce 10 (A Special Force operating in the grey area of government secrecy. WARNING: Members of this Force have their own strange and curious agenda).

Official RCAF Aethernet Resources

Other Aethernet Resources of Interest

offGrid Air Combat on other platforms

Since November 2008, several RCAF pilots are using the combat flight simulator game known as IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 for air combat (dogfighting). Below is a list of aethernet reference sites.

In Loving Memory

We salute our dearly departed who have left their loved ones in the real world and the virtual world for a greater world beyond....

Sumie Kawashima

Group Captain Sumie Kawashima 12 December 2008


It should be noted that Connolly Aerodrome is a facility open to anyone in Second Life. It is encouraged that people stay within theme, however...all avatars in SL are welcome to use whatever flying machine they wish to use. Connolly Airfields will not be closed to outsiders to satisfy strict Victorian RealLife Timeline sensibilities nor will individuals be banned from such unless an avatar is particularly bothersome to patrons or a definite griefer.

The RCAF group itself, endeavors to stay within a Victorian Steampunk/Gaslamp Fantasy Theme of an alternate 19th Century Timeline where some developments from the very early era of 20th Century Aviation are possible decades earlier than in RL History.

We consider some aircraft from the World War I era an acceptable conveyance because we presume the development of science and technology within our Steampunk SecondLife world would be different from the RealLife Historical Timeline. Although some officers are free to use World War I aircraft, we are not World War One re-enactors.

Some Twentieth Century Aircraft and Military Techniques/Protocols are used within RCAF but it should not be presumed that a World War II British Spitfire (for example) is an acceptable aircraft within our theme and roleplay. It is generally accepted within our group that any aircraft beyond World War I era is NOT acceptable. Any questions regarding acceptable aircraft should be directed to Zoe Connolly.

These general rules and regulations apply to any and all Victorian Steampunk/Gaslamp Fantasy Themed sims within SL where pilots of the RCAF may fly. However, RCAF pilots are free to fly other aircraft from other historical periods, or a science fiction setting, as accepted and encouraged in sims outside the Victorian Steampunk/Gaslamp Fantasy world.