Realm of the Roses

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Map from January 2008

The Realm of the Roses is a large contiguous multi-sim region in Second Life, begun with the December 2007 linkage of Caledon and Winterfell. It will include all SL nations that are allowed to relocate adjacent to either, forming a grand alliance of sims with ties to Victorian and related cultures.

The Realm had 54 sims in the nations of Caledon, Winterfell, Brythony and Lovelace as of 22 February 2008. This number reached 68 by 20 June 2008, in no small part due to Linden Lab changes on pricing and availability of openspace sims, and 75 by 01 October. Brythony Isle and Caer Llyr drifted to rest against the northwestern seas of Winterfell in mid-January of 2008. The Principality of Lovelace relocated to immediately south of Loch Avie on 28 January, 2008. Atlantis Rising connected to the Realm via Westmoreland in August, 2008.

Public statements from Guvnah Desmond Shang and Seneschal Serra Anansi indicate that other nations will become part of the Realm upon connection to the main sim mass.

The Realm will not contain all of the allies and diplomatic partners of Caledon and Winterfell, but as many as ten nations have been discussed at this foundation stage.

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