Professor Sadovnycha

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A mad inventor and resident of the Caledon Highlands. His most notable invention is the Earthship Corepheus, a giant boring machine to reach the centre of the Earth. He is constructing a museum to display the wonders acquired in the trip to the core.

Life in Russia

Professor's early service in the Russian Empire brought him into contact with runcible theory that has guided his later work. He did not consider his use of his imperial discoveries theft, as these designs were products of his own sweat and intellect. Indeed, he was likely the only individual in the entire Russian Empire who truly understood Runcible Phenomena. The Kremlin's Special Security Services, however, have taken a different view -- the chief results being a tiresome string of unsuccessful attempts against his life on the Continent, and a reluctance by many European governments to employ him overtly. This brought Professor Sadovnycha to Caledon, in hopes of finding a modicum of peace, fewer assassins and more customers.

Life in Caledon

Since his arrival in Caledon, Professor has gained notoriety for building the Corepheus and leading an expedition to the very Core of the Earth. Upon his return, he brought up samples of several subterranean creatures and curiosities the Corpheus crew encountered at the core. These included Runcinium crystals, live Core Crabs, and the shed carapace of a Scaraban -- the last apparently a race of bipedal, possibly sentient creatures that may dwell at the center of the Earth.