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A dozen founder's plaques

The Guvnah has created commemorative plaques and seals for a number of occasions. All are on display at the Guvnah's Mansion.

Founder's plaques

The initial occupants of each sim receive a nontransferable plaque unique to that sim. While the Guvnah has followed his muse in their design -- especially for the earlier sims -- there are a few elements worth noting:

  • Every plaque has the sim name and either "Founder" or "Founding Citizen" above the flag of Caledon. (Exception: the founder's plaque for the very first Caledon sim omits the sim name.)
  • The bottom of the plaque depicts a geographical feature of the sim.
  • Those sims that began on Class 5 servers are denoted by a circle of five stars in the upper left corner.
  • Those sims with double-prim parcels have a thistle in the lower right corner.
  • Parceled Openspace sims have a stag's head in the lower left corner.

Knighthood plaques

These have been presented to the Knights of Caledon. Each consists of the following, from the top down:

  • A yellow ribbon with the phrase "Knight of Caledon".
  • The Caledon tartan.
  • A yellow ribbon with the phrase "Order of Distinguished Service".
  • The name of the recipient.
  • A ribbon divided into red, silver, and red thirds.

Other plaques

One other plaque is known to exist at present, commemorating CaleCon. It is modelled on the founder's plaques.

Year Seals

These round seals commemorate the first and second birthdays of Caledon. Unlike the plaques, these are freely copiable, and have been distributed even to those not present on said birthdays.