Nova Sakigake

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Nova is a construct from the Dark Future, originally designed as a pleasure unit but broke free of her programming. She is often seen in Dark Future worlds such as Lost Angels and Suffugium. She is respected as a DJ and specializes in the Industrial, Goth, and Heavy Metal genres of music and a special subgenre of Industrial/Medieval music fusion.

Nova at one point moved to the city of Hostel, which had a Dark Victorian atmosphere. The world was not fully accepting of constructs, but she was carefully influencing the rulers of the world in that direction. Due to uncontrolled dimensional bleedover from the city of Toxia, Hostel underwent a violent paradigm shift from the Victorian Age to the Dark Future. The change was highly unstable, sending Hostel on the verge of collapse. Hostel has since stabilized into an otherworldly dimension that closely resembles a supernatural city known as Silent Hill.

Nova's friend Qlippothic Projects tried to rescue her with an emergency extraction using her Galvanic Tesseractor. A shockwave from Hostel's dying throes damaged both androids to the point that that would not survive re-entry into Steelhead. They agreed that the only way for either unit to survive was to rebuild what was left of their bodies into one being. The survior rezzed into Steelhead with the body of Qlippothic, but Nova's psychic essence. Qlippothic's soul drive was left to float in the Void until it managed to reintegrate into QliSteel Gears. Dr. Darien Mason accepted the new Qlippothic as his daughter, referring to her on occasion as "Qli-Nova" or "Qlippothic 2.0". The new Qlippothic is now a member of the Bloodwing Foundation.

The problematic part of the storyline is that the Hostel dimension "rebooted" at least once, creating a double of the original Nova Sakigake. This Nova was recently seen in Winterfell playing music for a gathering of worshipers of the Cthulhu Mythos. Since one of the rules of the Bloodwing Foundation is "Business comes before RP", the Foundation members will quickly change the subject when asked about this paradox.

The doubled Nova has no memories of the incident which caused her creation and continues life on the grid as though it never happened. She was recently invited to become a citizen of Caledon, and can often be found in the company of Diamanda Gustafson, and Roy Smashcan. It may be worth noting also, that this incarnation of Nova has become a strong believer and worshipper of The Great Old Ones, specifically Cthulhu himself.

However, her personality and friendly attitude has not been diminished or changed despite this adherence to a radically destructive religious affiliation. Nova has also recently been given the title Deathwing by the ruling Queens of a demonic city called New Gomorrah and often acts as a guard or servant to the strange alignment of creatures there known as The Brood.