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Neufreistadt is 'the first democratic sim in Second Life', and the community remaining after the notorious split between two of its founders and a populist majority.

Ulrika Zugzwang originally started the 'Neualtenburg Projekt', which grew into a full sim community. After the rift, she and Kaiserin Kendra Bancroft kept the original name and went on to create Port Neualtenburg as a smaller artists' community. Miss Zugzwang has since apparently left Second Life permanently.

The other group retained the land, but changed their name to Neufreistadt. Their popularly-elected, representative goverment consists of a three-person Executive, a Representative Assembly of five, and a Scientific Council of five with a Dean at their head. The Representatives come from several different political parties.

Neufreistadt is a member of 'the Confederation of Democratic Simulators', which is currently comprised of three sims: Neufreistadt, Alpine Meadow and Colonia Nova.

This last sim has a imperial Roman theme instead of 19th/20th century Bavarian but was landscaped to evoke the environment of Cologne, after which it was named. It shares some overlapping citizenship with that of ROMA.

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