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Flag of Port Neualtenburg

Area of land in the sim of Fundama. Also known as Port Neualtenburg.

Neualtenburg was founded by Kendra Bancroft, now Her Majesty, the Kaiserin von Neualtenburg. Originally part of the 'Neualtenburg Projekt' and the Democratic Republic of Neualtenburg, the group split to form the states of Neualtenburg and Neufreistadt.

During the Relay for Life charity season it was suggested that a mock "War" be held between Neualtenburg and Caledon. While originally suggested as a means of roleplay, the logistics, egos, racial slurs and the ongoing length ended with many people viewing it as a failed concept.

Port Neualtenburg is one of the lands offered a shared sea border with Caledon and Winterfell within the Realm of the Roses.

In February 2008, due to external financial issues, the Kaiserin deleted Port Neualtenburg with the promise to bring it back when her situation improves.