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The Independent State of Caledon, being a city-state, actually has two anthems: a National Anthem and a Civic Anthem. Such things happen in small countries with convoluted but interesting histories. The anthems were written for a contest held in observance of the first anniversary of Caledon, in February 2007.

Caledon's National Anthem

Mighty Caledon
by Mrs. Junie Ginsburg

Caledon, oh mighty isle,
to thee we stand and sing,
be ye faced by feast or trial,
your virtues purely ring.

From lake unto the woodland,
from mountain to the sea,
you shine brightly as a good land,
on whose glories all agree!

Caledon, oh fragrant rose,
unspoiled by bitter cold,
whose people find a calm repose,
whose armies are so bold!

From moor unto the highland,
from village to the sea,
we praise thee, mighty Caledon,
and stand proud, strong and free!

Caledon's Civic Anthem

Caledon My Home
by Miss Qlippothic Projects

Over fields and rolling hills
Across the moors, on rocky shores
Past tangled trees and mountain skies
Is where our tartan flies!

Caledon! Our prosp'rous nation
Where the flag's unfurled
Tradition guides and Progress drives
Our beacon to the world!

Explore, my friend! Go far and wide
Lose yourself in ancient tome
Return to praise your flag with pride
Sing "Caledon My Home!"