Mushroom Hunters of the Roses

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Group of explorers in search of elusive shrooms and minerals.

On 22 May 2008 The Guvnah of Caledon, Desmond Shang, in partnership with the Seneschal of Winterfell, Miss Serra Anansi, unveiled a new project. This project took the form of collectable mushrooms. As the mushrooms rez without a name and there were clearly a wide variety of species, DrBob Margulies began a page on the wiki at shrooms to catalogue them for future reference.

Shortly after this the Mushroom Hunters of the Roses group was formed by Ms Tanarian Davies to allow those engaged in collecting, categorising and documenting the mushrooms to share their experiences and discoveries.

Mushroom rings were found scattered across the Realm of the Roses - the Caledon mainland, Winterfell and Lovelace sims - and eventually a total of 30 Shrooms were discovered and documented. Some Shrooms were discovered to only appear at night, or at certain sites, and they all appeared to have differing frequencies of appearance.

It was about the time that all of the Shrooms had been discovered that the Guvnah began to reveal his master plan: A number of objects were to be made available to collect which would eventually be combinable to produce new objects. The Mushroom Hunters have embraced this new direction and are ready to collect whatever appears.

The next set of items to be released were minerals, a total of 12 have been confirmed but one is as yet unknown. You can find the page documenting the minerals here - minerals

Other items and creatures (watch out for the geese) for the amateur natural historian are anticipated and are yet to appear; whatever findings the hunters make will be documented at Natural History

Group Profile

30 species, 12 minerals and counting!

Consider yourselves deputised to the office of Field Scientist, ready to relay your observations from the wild. Please collect the following data:

   * location
   * time and time-of-day (dusk, mid-day, &c)
   * description of surroundings
   * effects on self or others

As well as some visual representation of your find. Send findings to Kate Nicholas.

Egon Spengler is our patron saint.

Group Charter