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Archives of the Steamlands Community to share knowledge and folklore about this uniquely imaginative community.

In 2007, in response to vandalism and mischief involving content related to the premier Steamlands micronation Independent State of Caledon, the predecessor to Steamlander Forums and (originally known as "Caledon Forums") launched a dedicated Caledon related wiki known as Caledon Wiki. In an effort to serve the larger 3D world Steampunk community, and to avoid dragging Caledon's tireless founder Desmond Shang in the fuss of mundane wiki editorial decisions, it was decided to abandon the old Caledon Wiki, but preserve the member contibutions in a new, broader wiki. On August 1st, 2009, the content from the old Caledon Wiki was moved to Steampunk Wiki, and a new wiki was born.

As the content of the wiki was so heavily dominated by contributions by members of the "Steamlands", in 2012 the wiki was renamed Steamlands Wiki to better reflect the actual nature of the content (with the hopes that a proper Steampunk Wiki will be developed later using that domain). While many of the same players who participated in the old Caledon Wiki are involved with Steamlands Wiki, Steamlands Wiki is intended to be independent of any one micronation, or virtual world. And since it is housed on the servers of Steampunk Island Inc. and maintained by, we retain editorial control over its content and character. The original founder of the Caledon Wiki, renowned avatar Otenth Paderborn, has mirrored much of the content on, and we encourage everyone to contribute there as well.

It is because of the site's history as a repository of the history of the virtual world Steampunk Victorian micronation know as "the Independent State of Caledon" that the initial database contains such a wealth of information on the history and roleplay found in that community. The original "Caledon Wiki" page was moved to Caledon Wiki History to facilitate Caledon Wiki content being rolled into Steamlands Wiki. While the site still enjoys active participation from the Caledon community, ALL members of Steamlander Forums are welcome to contribute here, which includes members of Steamlands communities outside of Second Life (such as LittleBlackDuck Lindsay's Nation of Victoriana on the Inworldz grid).

If you have something you would like to add to the lore of the virtual world Steamlands, or perhaps provide (non commercial) back-story for your avatar, feel free to join [Steamlander Forums] (basic membership is free) and use the same login information to sign in here.

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