Larxene Fallen

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Larxene in Ode

Larxene Fallen is a mysterious young woman with unspoken ties to Eleanor Ocheis. Whether they are friends or blood relations is unknown as she refuses to tell much of her life before arriving in The Steamlands. It is rumored she was once a prominant member of a villianous organization but no solid proof exists outside of stories and vague mentions. She has been spotted in Eleanor's home at Caledon Dundee and at various Caledon functions, more often than not with her husband, Firion Serenity at her side.

Larxene is best known for her temper, her affinity for lightning and her odd liking for sharp knives. Though she prefers to think her life began the day she and Firion arrived in Caledon, it is known that they were both members of an adventuring party in Winterfell Laudanum that ended its career on a rather sour note

Larxene displaying her control over lightning

Before relocating to Eleanor's estate in Caledon Dundee, she claimed a residence briefly erected in Caledon Downs as her home.

Larxene considers her romance with Firion to be the only thing that saved her from falling into complete darkness. She has often claimed that her very heart is a rose - the literal representation of Firion's dream of world peace - and thus treasures and collects any rose themed object she can get her hands on.