Kiralette Kelley

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A long time resident of Caledon, she is known to engage in international intrigue in her spare time (played an interesting role in the events leading up to the Caledon Militia RP week). Also spends time wreaking havoc and lazing about in Oolon Sputnik's ETC, gaining the title of Ship's Cat. She can usually be found at her garden in Kittiwickshire, at her home on Winterfell Illyria, or dancing with her husband, Podruly Peccable, at the Botanical House in Caledon on Sea. Loves catnip, dancing, and a good clockwork mouse or two. She has been expanding her activities to building and djing, and will soon have two shops opening up. Owner of "Tea by the Sea" in Cape Wrath, the last tea shop until Winterfell. Has recently been named RFL Team Captain for the Caledon Team for 2009.