Kamilah Hauptmann

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First furry resident of the first Caledon sim, before moving into Port Caledon. Currently is involved in a number of architectural endeavours in Port Caledon and Caledon Lionsgate.

She is also the Duchess of Caledon Lionsgate, Isle of the Children of Moreau, at the western end of the Firth of Caledon.

After serving as the last Steward of Caledon, Kamilah accepted the appointment and elevation to the position of Vicereine over Caledon, and is addressed as "Her Lyonesse".

Known to be in the company of Tasha and Celebrin. She often times is found stalking Desmond Shang or making odds and ends, such as a gas lamp for fun. Kamilah has been known to be a lioness, persian, wolfette and an unicorn at any given time. She is also known to be a customer of and model for Silver Rose, run by Yuriko Muromachi. Kamilah's shop in Victoria City sells high-quality personal animations for both women and men.

The Vicereine periodically issues coinage, the Caledon Pound, to commemorate special events.

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