Glorf Bulmer

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Glorf Bulmer

Character Bio

At first a resident of the Mainland, and still rumoured to maintain an outpost on that unhallowed land, Miss Glorf Bulmer (Glorf is, of course, a sweetly feminine name) became something of a fixture in Caledon Oxbridge University from May 2010 onwards, and eventually rose to a professorship by the simple expedient of getting under the Deans' feet so much they had to do something with her.

She resides mainly in Caledon Steam SkyCity, a location she finds congenial for the building and scripting of crude practical jokes, exploding objects, and tentacle monsters. Visitors are welcomed, nay, encouraged, at any time, but should be aware that any warning signs mean exactly what they say. Miss Bulmer is constantly amazed by the number of people who go up to a very obvious bomb, marked "Do not touch", and touch it anyway. What on Earth do they expect to happen?

Miss Bulmer has recently (as of this writing) joined the long, long list of SL bloggers, and her witterings can be found, or avoided, at