Fogwoman Gray

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Arms of Fogwoman Gray

Fogwoman Gray, DCBT, makes her home on the Steam Sky City and in Caledon Caer Firnas. She is a scientist and technologer of some reputation, as alluded to in her own words:

"After some experimentation with hybridization, I have successfully cloned our Guv'nuh in an attempt to ensure that the Shang line has a worthy successor. The kind assistance of the catgirls in acquiring the materials for these experiments is greatly appreciated.

If you happen upon me ambling about the Realm on my beautiful steed Desdemona, do stop for a chat. I dearly love to jump on Des for a good ride!

The greatest surprise of my life has been falling in love with and being partner in crime to Vivito Volare, my dearest friend and confidant who swept me off my feet..."

Lady Gray's SL love is now her RL love and husband-to-be, Duke Vivito Volare of Caledon Caer Firnas. She is also writes a column on Manners and Deportment for The Caledon Strand magazine, with tongue firmly in cheek.

When the Duke of Murdann instituted the Order of the Black Thorn on 28 August 2008, he created Miss Gray a Dame Commander of the Order. She bears Bleu-celeste, three ravens close ambulant two and one sable, and on a chief embattled Or a blackthorn branch couped sable. On 25 November 2008, Her Lyonesse Kamilah Hauptmann named Miss Gray Ambassador-at-large of Caledon in recognition of her role in organizing the Grand Tour held 22-23 November 2008.