Firion Serenity

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Firion in his garden

Firion Serenity is the husband of Larxene Fallen and a former resident of both Winterfell Laudanum and Caledon Downs. Quiet but with a strong will and a dream of achieving world peace, he spends much of his time at his wife's side or in the garden of Eleanor Ocheis in Caledon Dundee. His most recognizable feature is the colorful bandanna he keeps tied in his hair at all times.

He met Larxene while he was a member of an adventuring party in Winterfell and soon became quite fond of her company. After turning her away from her formerly dark ways, the pair took up residence together with fellow members until a misunderstanding brought the entire group to an unexpected and sudden end. Caledon was the first civilized land they came upon after parting ways with their former friends and thus, it is where Firion decided that he and Larxene should rebuilt their lives together.

Firion with his wife, Larxene

Firion has a great love of wild roses and the freedom they represent. It's said he has a secret garden retreat somewhere filled with them and that they tie into his past before arriving in The Steamlands. Like Larxene, he's reluctant to talk much of his original homeland and prefers to persist in the present while working towards a brighter future.