Europa Wulfenbach

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An ally of Caledon, ruled by Baron Klaus Wulfenbach. The nation has consulates in Caledon and other allied nations. It is not a sim, but a land in a dimension parallel to Caledon's; its recent history is documented in graphical form at Girl Genius.

Europa Wulfenbach is bounded roughly by the Rhine/Rhone/Saone river-courses on the west, the Alps and Adriatic Sea to the south (does not include the Italies or Hellenic peninsula), the North and Baltic Seas to the north (does not include the Danish peninsula), and does not quite reach the Azov or Black Seas to the east. It may be visited by Caledonians by means of astral projection only at this time.

The consular missions from Europa have been established in Caledon (Kittiwick Town), Steelhead (Steelhead City civic centre), Winterfell (At the Hut Des Jaegers pub, Port Absinthe), Antiquity (Antiquity Township, NW), Babbage (Babbage Palisade), Clos Normand, Neufreidstadt (NW of the Market Square), Steeltopia and on the mainland at Mooter. There was also a Consulate at Victoriana (Victoriana Harbour) before the closure of that estate.

The Consulate also provides sporting facilities for the Transilvanian Polygnostic University at the Clos Normand consulate.

Europa Wulfenbach has a group within Second Life.