Erasmus Margulis

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Regent of Kintyre for his cousin Lavendar Beaumont. 13th Earl of Carradale. Husband of Countess Sea Song, Autopilotpatty Poppy.

Team captain of Team Caledon in the 2008 Second Life Relay For Life.

Former Managing Director of Caledon Independent Broadcasters.

On September 2, 2008, due to a fortunate alignment of the planets (or at least log-ins), Erasmus Margulis was knighted by the Vicereine, Kamilah Hauptmann in the presence of Guvnah Desmond Shang and witnesses. On the shore of the Duchy of Kintyre, he became the fifth Knight of Caledon in recognition of his exemplary efforts captaining Team Caledon 2008.