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En Garde is a turn based fencing inspired card game in Second Life. It was built by Rifkin Habsburg based on the table top card game of the same name created by Reiner Knizia. The game is very popular in Caledon, with at least eight pistes and four teams based there.

The game features networking of all strips throughout Second Life. Worldwide individual and team standings are maintained in a nearly real-time manner. At least three Caledonians - Gerami Fizz, Exrex Somme, and Valentine Janus - have at some point held the #1 rank on the World Champions board.

On 17 May 2008 Caledon was the ninth host site for the United EnGarde tournament series. Gerami Fizz was the host, the Vannevar Bush memorial garden on Caledon I was the venue, and Tiffany Dragonash emerged victorious from a record 27 fencers entered.

Instructional Video on how to play En Garde in Second Life

En Garde teams based in Caledon

list out of date

En Garde pistes in Caledon

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Partial list of En Garde pistes outside Caledon

Buikmunt, Wyre, home piste of Clan MacInnes of Wyre

Starred * locations host multiple strips.

Web links to SL En Garde sites


Texture intended to be used as En Garde Cards with a Caledon Theme