Eleanor Anderton

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Eleanor Anderton

Caledon Address: Rosehill Cottage, Caledon Rothesay

Rez Day: 10/02/2007

Philosophy: The 3 R's - Reading, Researching, and Relaxing

Blog: Caledon Companion: Guide to Fashions - Gardens - Homes - Travel - Crafts - Literature for citizens of the Realm of Roses and her Allies.[1]

Wiki: Caledon Cuisine: Recipes from the Realms of Roses.[2] Sharing recipes from around the real world with our Second Life friends and family.

Occupation: Independent governess of means who enjoys teaching, libraries, reading, and partaking of cinnamon scones and tea.

Winterfell Address:Winterfell Harbor.

Biography: Eleanor’s family arrived on shores of the King’s colony in 1650. Continuing the brave Hugh Lee’s explorations, she wandered from country to country in this new world - settling for awhile in a snowy mountaintop log cabin. Sadly, the mountain was lonely - only Eleanor wandered around the snow and ice during her time there. (Learning to ski and not hitting the trees was a highlight of winter holidays!) The other inhabitants visited while Eleanor dreamed. Strengthening herself, she decided to find herself a place to work and learn more about this new world.

After progressing from snow to island to city to countryside, she found a home on Aberconwy Manor. A self-confessed “prim princess”, Eleanor shopped until she dropped for tea in her conservatory! Now was the time to find a society of people who shared a love of learning.

During her travels in this second life, Caledon was discovered! The society is delightful and the conversation entertaining. The Caledon Library quickly became a special place.

Recently widowed, Eleanor enjoys the companionship of the The Merry Young Widows of Caledon. Since the elderly Sir Arthur Anderton passed on to his heavenly reward (Sir Anderton imbibed way too much port one evening during a sojourn in London), Lady Anderton lives the independent life of lady who was once a governess, a teacher, and librarian. Thankfully, Sir Arthur loved his child bride and left her all his earthly belongs.

In the past months, the Caledon Library Steampunk collection was completed with the assistance of Miss Serafina Puchkina under the guidance of JJ Drinkwater. Caledon Cuisine[3] has become her newest project. Stop by to visit inworld in Caledon Rothesay or aetherically at the wiki itself.

Friends & neighbors are invited to drop by for tea in Caledon Rothesay whenever you are in the neighborhood. The lawn below to the conservatory is large enough to accommodate certain size airships if parking is needed.