Dyne Talamasca

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  • In world: Dyne Talamasca
  • Born: 10/9/2005
  • First Land: 512 m2 in Acontia bounded by the rectangle 64,64 to 96,80 (SLURL)
  • Current home: None - On extended break


Dyne is a mysterious but friendly shape-shifting entity with a nominally female gender. She describes herself as an immigrant from another world, which she refers to only as "the blackest pit of anguish, despair, and freshly baked cookies".

She has occasionally been spotted as a Barsoomian Red Martian, a child, a man, a demon, and a giant walking eyeball (the last two for Halloween).

Her most constant features are her eyes (atomic green with X-shaped pupils), and to a lesser degree, her hair (usually red, with two pigtails). She often wears glasses.

She is fond of interesting styles and technologies, including gothic and victorian/steampunk. She is an inventor, artist, and architect (in SL terms, Dyne can do a little bit of everything: scripting, building, texturing, etc.) Mostly, she prefers building things.

She is the proprietor of Heterodyne Creations, and also had a business arrangement with Shaunathan Sprocket by virtue of having a clock script available when he needed one.

Metaverse Projects

  • Early resident and long-time historian of the Independent State of Caledon (responsible for much of the original Independent State of Caledon article, the format of the individual sim articles, and so forth, back when these were hosted on the old Second Life History wiki and there were only a handful of sims)
  • Elsewhen Tower - A Victorian-Steampunk Clocktower with an integrated Analytical Engine. Originally erected in Acontia Sim on the Heterocera Atoll, it was transported by autogyro to Caledon II, where it was reassembled and renovated. It was subsequently moved to Shadows Lying in Caledon Tamrannoch. A sudden metaphysical-financial vortex opened in 2006 and tragically flung the tower into the inter-dimensional void known as Envenn Torie, where it remains, floating amidst other flotsam and jetsam of the virtual cosmos. Ever since, Dyne has been wandering the multiverse on walkabout, but periodically comes back to Caledon.
  • Creator of the Grid Agni map found on the second level of the former Caledon Academy of Virtual Wizardry in Caledon Highlands (and also in the Nova Civis Caledon grid history display).
  • Dyne is particularly fond of creating replicas of interesting vehicles from popular culture, including at least two temporal transport devices.