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Cronocloud Creeggan

Character Bio

Member of the former Victorian Trollops, Member of the Imperial Navy of Caledon (Sailor), Royal Caledon Air Force (Flight LT, call sign: Maven), and is the current commanding Colonel of the Gunbunnies,

A wandering fashionista-warrior of minor consequence, Miss Creeggan learned of the Independent State of Caledon early in her wanderings and now considers herself to be a fast Friend of Caledon. Upon noting Miss Creeggan's faint resemblance to Her Grace Gabrielle Riel of Caledon Carntaigh, researchers have discovered that Miss Creeggan is a very distant cousin to Her Grace, Miss Creeggan's Clan having lost their ancestral titles and lands in a horrible tragedy....they had to sell them to buy more shoes. Upon becoming landless, titleless, but still very fashionable people, they went on to become a Clan of fashionista-warriors, noted for their skill in shopping as well as fighting. It is unknown if Miss Creeggan is also distantly related to Her Grace's cousins, the Duchess of Loch Avie, Eva Bellambi and Lord Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke, but considering Miss Creeggan's affinity for fencing and penguins, it is a possibility.

Miss Creeggan was a lackey at the currently defunct fashion blog Linden Lifestyles, maintains a personal fashion blog at CronoCloud Creeggan, Virtual Fashionista. and is a staff member of the Metro Models Virtual Modeling Agency. Miss Creeggan also blogged for the late lamented Pixel Pinup Online blog aka PXP.

Her Royal Caledon Air Force callsign, Maven, is derived from "Fashion Maven", though Miss Creeggan is a horrible pilot of anything other than a airship, ornithopter or jet/rocket pack. Miss Creeggan has also become an aficionado of the fencing game, En Garde and currently serves on the Caledon Sabres team founded by Dame Ordinal Malaprop.

Miss Creeggan has three Tiny forms, the more commonly seen being a Penguin, the others being a hermit crab with a shell decorated with the Caledon Tartan and a heavily armed Moose.

Miss Creeggan is an avid aficionado of Dame Ordinal Malaprop's.weaponry. Her photo above shows her wielding the Revolving Flare Gun, which Miss Creeggan tends to load with high-explosive projectiles. Miss Creeggan's mount in Tiny form is the great white (tiny) prim pony Stallman.