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The burrowing Earthship Corepheus (named for Orpheus, who delved into Hades to retrieve his love) was constructed by Professor Sadovnycha for a Daring Expedition to the Center of the Earth:

Original expedition site

The inaugural voyage was generously sponsored by LittleBlackDuck Lindsay and launched Corewards from his land in the Caledon Highlands. A crew of seven, including the designer, was aboard for the two-day journey.

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Triumphal return

Corepheus and Crew successfully reached the Core and returned safely to the surface, bringing back samples of the Subterranean Creatures & Curiosities the Crew encountered at the Core, including Runcinium crystals, live Core Crabs, and the shed carapace of a Scaraban, the race of bipedal, possibly sentient creatures rumored to dwell at the Center of the Earth.

From 8 March 2008 the Corepheus can be found on the grounds of the Caledon Research Institute in Caledon II. Rumors continue to swirl around the possibility of further explorations.