Christine McAllister

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Born in Upper Canada to Robert Angus McAllister and Isabelle Eleanor (nee Southerton),she was raised at Fort Edmonton before her father decided to quit the Hudson's Bay Company and moved the family (older brother Gunnar and Christine) to the current site of Fort Calgary. After he was killed in a buffalo hunt, her mother moved the family back to the newly founded country of Canada, settling in Montreal. She met and married a naval officer and another son and daughter were added to the family (TotalLunar Eclipse and Luna).

After both parents died from typhoid, Gunnar set off to explore the world while Lunar and Christine settled in Steelhead, Oregon Territory, Luna having run away from home not long after the marriage of Surion Eclipse and Isabelle.

In March, Edward Pearse began courting Christine, they were handfasted on June 15th and are still happily together. They have a home in Caledon Cay (Davaar) and in Steelhead (Rosehaven).

In June, Rosehaven Recipes opened, offering a selection of baked goods and other foods/beverages. Custom orders are accepted.

In July Edward became the 12th Earl of Primbroke, and Christine was knighted in the Order of the Nightingale by her Grace, the Duchess of Carntaigh.