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The state of Caledon has been defended from early times by several organised bodies of supportive citizens, in many cases marshalling the latest wonders of steam technology.

Caledon Militia

An early military unit was the Caledon Militia, instituted in 2006 by Exrex Somme. It had no active policing duty and was primarily ceremonial. In 2007 the idea was used to create the Caledon RFL Militia, which took part in the war with Neualtenburg. The RFL Militia was disbanded shortly after the Second Life Relay for Life militia wargame.

Current Military Units

Usage of Military Titles in Caledon

Military titles in Caledon are usually done for fun, and ought not be taken too seriously. Units tend to use United Kingdom style ranks. In the ground forces, the highest encountered rank is usually Colonel, serving as commanding officer of the unit. In air and naval units, the commanding officer tends to be of flag rank, e.g. Air Marshal in the RCAF or Admiral in the Imperial Navy. Guvnah Shang should be considered the equivalent of Commander in Chief of all military forces.

It is an observed phenomenon in Caledon that officers outnumber enlisted men. Since a resident can join more than one military group, it is also quite possible and rather common for a Caledonian to outrank oneself, if ranks are compared.

Roughly, military personages can be addressed as follows:

Non-Combat Situations (almost all the time)

  • In formal situations a Peer could be addressed by their Title, followed by their Military rank, followed by Knighthood, example Lord Colonel Sir Edward Pearse That can get to be a mouthful, so one title is often used: Lord Primbroke, Colonel Pearse, or Sir Edward.
  • Generally, a person not a peer can be addressed by the military rank or civic title shown over their head, if any. Should the subject not be wearing a military title, if you are certain of one held by the subject you might use it.
  • In Caledon, Mr. X or Miss Y is almost always an acceptable default. Also, a simple "sir" or "ma'am" without name is respectful and in harmony with military tradition. In either case if a gentle correction is necessary it will be forthcoming.

Combat Situations

  • Use the shown military rank or, if known, the rank in the engaged unit.