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Effective August 1st, 2009, the content from Caledon Wiki (formerly at was moved to Steampunk Wiki.

Original "Caledon Wiki" page was moved to Caledon Wiki History after the now defunct Caledon Wiki content was rolled into Steamlands Wiki

The Caledon Wiki: Archives of the Independent State of Caledon in SecondLife

Steampunk Wiki was created using data from the (now defunct) Caledon Wiki, an independently hosted wiki for neo-Victorian, 19th-century, and Steampunk residents of the Second Life® 3D online virtual world and the greater Metaverse. Click on a region of the map on the right to learn more about it.

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About us

The Caledon Wiki is an independently hosted archive of history and culture of the Independent State of Caledon in Second Life. Content is provided by the members of this community to enhance their neo-Victorian, 19th-century, and Steampunk roleplay in the 3D metaverse. Created by His Grace Otenth Paderborn, Duke of Murdann, Caledon Wiki is intended to complement the portions of the Wikia Second Life wiki which pertain to the Independent State of Caledon and her allies, and to preserve our community's unique history and culture.

Related sites

The Caledon Forums were an independently hosted conversation for residents of Caledon at They appeared in-world as a newspaper published by Sir Excalibur Longstaff Steamlander from his office in Caledon Steam SkyCity.
There is a Second Life wiki at , derived from the earlier efforts of the SL History Wiki. Otenth Paderborn imported some material from the Wikia site to lay the early foundations here, and pages here may be mirrored at the Wikia site.

Adding to our wiki

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