Caledon Underground Expedition

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The Caledon Underground Expedition, led by Professor Sadovnycha in an earthship of his own design, first traveled to and from the Earth's core on 16-18 February 2008. The Corepheus departed from and returned to the Caledon Highlands holdings of LittleBlackDuck Lindsay, whose patronage at a key stage was critical to the expedition's success.

In addition to Sadovnycha, a crew of six others was aboard: Alazar Kuhn, Bubba Daniels, Hermes Walpole, June Wozniak, Nabila Nadir Peterman, and Shalmendro Glineux.

Some of the discoveries attributed to the expedition include the element runcinium, the core crabs, and evidence of a subterranean sentient race called scarabans.

A scaled-down version of the Expedition's operation, including the Corepheus itself and a new shaft leading to a future earthcore outpost, was recently transferred to the grounds of the Caledon Research Institute on Caledon II for continued research.