Caledon Speirling

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Aerial View of Caledon Speirling, Feb. 2009
  • Name: Caledon Speirling
  • Owner: Desmond Shang
  • Founders: Darkling Elytis, Kirawill Collingwood
  • Current Duchess: Aevalle Galicia
  • Rating: Mature
  • Announced: (?)
  • Opened: August 28, 2007
  • SLURL:


  • Project: The Independent State of Caledon
  • Theme: Marquesates of East and West Speirling. Water sims, part of the Firth of Caledon
  • Major Landmarks: The Islands of East and West Speirling, Sumie's Pond, Tempest's Point, the H.P. Blavatsky Memorial Library Branch/Victorian Spiritualism Collection, and the neverending tornado and storms.


In 2010, East and West Speirling was combined under Lady Aevalle's care. The haunting trees and storm that West Speirling was known for have remained, including Sumie's pond. However, the skies have been converted to an airbag supported home for the three "Duchesses in Training" of the Firth--WaffleCottontail, LilithMorgaine, and Oreo OHare. Their Guv'ness, Dhampir Eravisci is also a regular.

Speirling is the haunt of one of the fae courts within Caledon, the Speirling Unseelie Court and the Coven of the Firth Witch. Reports and theories have floated around for some time about sailors or fishers on the Firth who have disappeared suddenly on the evenings when the will o' the wisps are at the height of their activity.

Speirling also part of the Grand Firth Court of the Aethers--the combined courts of Caledon Speirling, Caledon Middlesea, and Caledon Morgaine(now in exile).

Lady Aevalle, a weather witch in her own right with a bent towards technology, still lives above East Speirling. Odd colored lights can be seen feeding the ever-present tornado--these appear to be coming from her laboratory on the lower level of her home.