Caledon Regency

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This location no longer exists in Second Life. This page has been kept for historical reference.

About Caledon Regency

  • Name: Caledon Regency
  • Owner: Desmond Shang
  • Rating: Mature
  • Announced: March 2007
  • Founded: July 29th 2007
  • Opened: August 4th 2007
  • Slipped beneath the waves: 2011
  • SLURL: Caledon Regency


Map and Directory

Map of Caledon Regency

Thanks to natural barriers Regency has one of the simplest street plans of any sim in Caledon. There are only four streets. Thornfield runs near the north edge of the sim, from the border with Eyre in the northwest to the northeast corner by the sea where it turns south and becomes Pemberley. In turn, Pemberley runs south paralleling the seacoast all the way to the Stormhold border in the southeast. Almack is a short lane running north-south near the west edge of the sim; as it reaches the mountains it curves left and becomes Austen. Austen then parallels Thornfield and the Trans Caledon Mountain Range across the sim east-west until it ends at Pemberley.

House numbers ascend from west to east along Thornfield and Austen, and from north to south along Pemberley. No lot has its address on Almack.

The telehub is not along any street; it is centred between the four streets with north-south walkways from the hub to Thornfield and Austen.




Founding Citizens