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The Caledon Pound

The Caledon Pound is a Viceregal minting that has no monetary value in Second Life as a whole. They are commemorative coins marking events of interest in Caledon and are issued at that time for a limited time, and only once. Certain allowances have issued additional coins in the event of asset loss or to news agencies.

Minting Process

The coins are minted by way of a snapshot, turned greyscale, printed with the appropriate label in Times New Roman, and embossed. The texture is then uploaded and applied to a coin with the dimensions 0.05, 0.05, 0.01. These were made before the Vicereine had a clue about dimpling a sphere 0.49, 0.51 and converting back to a cylinder. The coins are milled on the edges. (With a texture.)


Gold plated Cavorite, each of equal mass for a gravitationally neutral coin that falls neither up, nor down. (Yeah, that's the ticket.)

Obverse Side

The Caledon Pound's layout is modeled after the Canadian quarter dollar. The bust of the Vicereine faced right, chosen partly because that is the direction Elizabeth II faces on coins, and because the light favored that direction in the photo shoot.

D. G. Regina typically means Dei Gratia Regina. By the Grace of God, Queen. A tongue in cheek interpretation puts it Des Gratia Regina. By the Grace of Desmond...

First three mintings: Coin Wiki Heads.jpg

Fourth minting: Wiki Bust 2 001.jpg


The first minting was for the one year anniversary of Caledon, it had no title on the coin but the spirit is Innovation.

Coin Wiki Innovation.jpg

The second minting was in honour of Viderian Vollmar's epic 19 laps around the 2007 Relay For Life track. It is titled Dedication.

Coin Wiki Dedication.jpg

The third coin had a minting problem, and roughly half the run retained the Dedication description. This minting was the second anniversary minting and features Gabrielle Riel's phonograph. It is titled Community.

Coin Wiki Community.jpg

The fourth minting is Caledon Oxbridge. It is titled Learning.

Wiki Learning 001.jpg