Caledon Pensans

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Caledon Pensans
  • Name: Caledon Pensans (originally named Caledon Penzance)
  • Owner: Desmond Shang
  • Rating: Mature
  • Opened: 4th November 2007, changed to homestead December 2013
  • Current Duchess: Aevalle Galicia
  • SLURL: [1]


Penzance is bordered by Mayfair to the south, and Morgaine to the west. It contains the eastern edge of the Trans Caledon Mountain Range.

Two Caledon National Rail lines run through Penzance; one connects to Morgaine, the other to Brigadoon. Both stop at the aerodrome, and connect to Mayfair in the other direction.

Penzance was the first non-Openspace region in Caledon not to have a functioning telehub.

Founding Citizens