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Lady Poppy has been a resident of Second Life and the Nation of Caledon since November 2005. She has owned a number a fine art gallery across the grid. Poppy (as she is called) offered free gallery space to dozens of new and established artists in SL since her first gallery opened in January of 2006 and continues to do so on a limited basis today. She is a advanced amateur photographer in RL as well as in SL. In SL she specializes in unique portraiture work. She has had work on display in permanent exhibits in the AHO gallery at the NMC campus and at the 2nd Louvre Museum in addition to scores of other galleries across the grid. She has a gallery on the campus of DePaul University called Poppy's Place. Lady Poppy is from the Pacific Northwest. Her photography of floral close-up remarkably like the works of Georgia O'Keefe

Lady Poppy devotes a large amount of her time to volunteer work for the Caledon community and is a friend and mentor to many new citizens of SL. She has devoted much of her time in 2011, 2012 and 2013 as Captain of Team Caledon's Relay for Life fund drive. She also devoted much of her time in 2008 assisting Erasmus Margulis, Captain of Team Caledon's hugely successful RFL fund drive for the 2008 season. (Team Caledon came in 2nd overall with more than 3.04 million $L in 2008.)

Alley Cat Alley is home to the Alley Cats, a group of wild and raucous cats, humans and other living creatures every Monday evening at 6:30 for inspiring music streamed in by Poppy. It sits on the se corner area of Caledon Morgaine.

Poppy's Place Dance Club boasts a new theme dance each week with an environment and music to match the theme.

Join Lady Poppy as she celebrates light, texture, and balance in her incredibly comfortable and beautiful surroundings in Caledon and beyond..

Lady Poppy is a Knight of Caledon, former Duchess of Kintyre and of Stella Maris.