Annechen Lowey

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Frau Annechen Lowey serves as the Vice Consul at the Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach, and as Baron Wulfenbach's good right hand in this transdimensional realm of "the grid". She grew up in Mechanicsberg, Transylvania - the home town of Bill and Barry Heterodyne - and is a graduate of nearby Beetleburg's Transylvania Polygnostic University. She is married to Sergeant Iandad Griggs, a flight line mechanic in the EAC, recently seen wandering about in a daze of discovery on the grid; their son Wolfgang Nicodemous is attending a maximum security preparatory school for young Sparks.

Frau Lowey owns land in Kittiwickshire, away from town on Kittiwick Path. She chose it particularly for its view of the sunrises and sunsets, and the clear ocean horizon. She is the owner-manager of the pub Der Hut des Jägers in Port Absinthe, Winterfell where she is ably assisted by Emilly Orr. She also holds a small plot of land in Harborside, Steelhead, which she leases to her brother, Augustus Timeless (or Augustus Vashtasp, depending on where you meet him).

She is most enthusiastic about helping newcomers to this world, and has an extensive list of "freebie" information. She also loves to dance, and is working on a low-prim "portable ballroom" to facilitate parties. She has been spotted giving Baron Wulfenbach yet whiter hair by performing mad stunts on her newfangled motorcycle off Steelhead bridges.